Our Services

If you are just looking for an escort website that is just like all the other out there then you don't need us.

Likewise if you want a website designer that is just after your money and will charge you for every little update or addition then that's not us ether.

We build websites because we want them to be seen, we love having our website designs on the Internet and will work with you to ensure your business is as successful as you want it to be.


Most people ask us the same questions when they are looking for a new escort or massage website so we have tried to answer them as best as we can below.  But if you have additional questions or requirements just contact us via our contact page and we will be glad to help.

What do I get for my money?

You get a fully functioning, exclusively designed and beautiful website, which will be tested on Desktop PCs, Laptops, mobile phones and iPads to ensure everything looks as it should be.

Included in the cost will be a specially designed version of your website for mobile users. Which nowadays account for 50% of clients using escort/massage services.   

This design will still contain all your pictures and key features but will be optimised to work on all mobile phones, so it will load super fast, be easy to use on a small screen and be easily accessible to all your clients that may only have their mobile phones with them when travelling.

Do you use templates?

No, every design we do is unique and tailor made to your service and requirements.

Templates by their nature are 80% the same so it's very difficult to make them stand out amongst all the other template designs and they are incredibly difficult to rank high in the search engines (Google etc) for the same reasons.   

What will my website look like?

If you have a particular design in mind just let us know and we will create it for you.  If not you can leave it to us to design something we think is best for you based on what you tell us about yourself, your services and the pictures you send for us to use on your website.

We will always create a one-page sample design for you to look at and approve before we do your full website so you always have full control on what your website will look like.

What's the price?

Please see our prices page for a full break down of all our costs but typically it is just £150 for an Independent Escort Website or £250 for an Escort Agency Website.

What's included in the price?

Everything!  We don't believe in charging for extras on your website or for any changes or additions you may need in the future.  The price we quote is a one-off price for the complete design of your website, all hosting costs plus any changes, additions or updates you require for the year.

Do I need to learn any software to update my website like a CMS system or FTP.

No, you will see a lot of escort website designers offering CMS systems, where you can upload pictures and add your own text etc, but these are misleading and can be tricky to use and you don't always get the best results.

An experienced website designer will always optimise your pictures (before uploading) and ensure any new text, meta tags, etc are optimised for SEO and Google.  

This is something CMS systems cannot do for you and this sort of stuff is essential to ensure that your website, looks good, loads fast on a mobile phone and ranks well in Google and other search engines

Most people will not know how to do this properly so to ensure your website is the best it can be, we prefer to do this for you.  

Likewise a website with an inbuilt CMS system ties you into that designer.  You cannot move your design or refuse to pay any unforeseen future charges they may try to levy on you.  All our designs belong totally to you and you are not tied into anything with us and are free to move to a different website designer if you want to for any reason.

Do we have to meet up to get my website started?

No, we design websites for people all over the UK.  Everything can be done by phone, text or email.

We will always design you a one page sample design first so you can get a feel of what your final website would look like.

How would we get started on my new website?

It's simple. We just need you to email us some text about your business; your services, your rates, working hours, etc and your pictures.

Once we have these and any other instructions you give us we can get started on your sample website design.

How long does it take to get a new website built and online.

Typically it takes 5 days for an independent escort or 7-10 days for an escort agency

How would I update my pictures / text etc?

Simple, just email or text us the changes you want done.  If we are in the office these changes are normally online within a couple of hours.  If you send us updates outside office hours they are always done first thing the next day.

Why choose you? (Cosy Designs)

Back in 1997 we were one of the first companies to work solely in the design and promotion of escort websites.  20 years later we are still ranked in the top 3 in London.

Our specialist knowledge in the escort website business and how to promote the websites on the Internet is why our customers are still thriving in their businesses.

Unlike some escort website design companies Cosy Designs is not just interested in getting you to pay for a design then leave you to fend for yourself.

We have created over 200 escort/massage websites and all of them have generated an above average income for their owners.

If you already have a website have another created by us and you will see the difference.

We are there to help ensure your business grows and as such we can also manage your adverts and SEO work if you do not want the hassle of doing them yourself.

What is Marketing and SEO

Getting a website designed is just the first stage in setting up a successful escort/massage business. Once the design is finished you need to think about the promotion of your website and if you want to rank high in Google then you need to start thinking about our SEO services.

Our SEO & Marketing page will give your more information regarding these services and how we can help.

How to proceed?

When you are ready to go ahead with your new website or if you have any more questions you can call/text us on....

07973 673 259

or simply email us at...