“In order to grow your business you need to get your website noticed.  It is no good having a great website if no one knows it exists.”

There are 3 main ways you can get your website noticed

1.  You can add it to all the free escort advertising websites you can find

This is OK (and free) but you do not get many bookings from these free websites

2.  You can use an SEO expert to move your website higher up in the search rankings of Google.

This means that whenever someone is searching Google for escorts your website can be one of the first ones they see, which increases the chance of that search resulting in a booking for you.

We provide SEO services to all our clients and to clients that may not have had their websites built by us.  The cost for this is just £50 per week (paid monthly).  For more information on this service please see our dedicated SEO page for all the details.

3. Paid Listings on some escort directories.

This is quite a lucrative business for the owners of these directories and as such attracts a lot of dodgy people.  As such there are now literally hundreds of escort directories where you can pay to advertise your website on.

Unfortunately at least 80% of these are useless and you will not see any increase in your business.  So how do you know which ones are good and which ones are bad?

You don't!  If you are new to this industry you will not be able to tell the bad directories from the good ones.  Even the bad directories look highly professional and will stick other escort agencies’ banners and ladies on their website to make it look like a particular escort agency advertisers with them, when they do not.

If you want to try some paid adverting on some escort directories to increase you business we can advise you on which directories are worth advertising on.

Should you wish us t0 place the adverts for you we do charge a small admin fee of £100 to initially set up all your advertising then just £50 whenever we need to renew your adverts. (Usually every 3 months)

How much does it cost to place an advert on a paid escort directory?

This varies a lot between all the different directories and all the different options they have for advertising.  Typically somewhere between £75 for 3 months advertising to £360 for 3 months advertising is the sort of advertising rates you can expect to encounter.

How much paid advertising should I do?

This depends entirely on who you are and how much business you need.  An independent escort or masseuse may only want one booking per day and as such may only need to advertise on one directory at £60 each month.

An agency with 30 ladies on its books will be looking for a lot more exposure and bookings and may be advertising on ten or more escort directories every month and spending anywhere between £1000 and £3000 per month on advertising.  Which initially sounds a lot but if you are making £6000 profit every month then your advertising costs are worth it.

Marketing your website

Unfortunately there is no magic Marketing button you can press


Advertising your websites on certain paid “escort directories” can give your website a much higher exposure on the Internet and lead to an increase in business.

Hopefully you now have the information you need to make your website successful.  If you decide to do some paid advertising on some escort directories but are bewildered by all the choices and options just give us a call and we can assist you.

Similarly if you would prefer to increase your business by ranking higher in the search engines then we can also assist with this with our SEO services


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