SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

The purpose of SEO is to get your websites ranking higher than your competitors in search engines such as Google and Yahoo.

If your website ranks higher in the search engines then people are more likely to find it, click on  it and potentially lead to more bookings for you.

We automatically design your website with SEO in mind and this ensures you will be found on all the major search engines.

What page of the search engine you end up on is down to Google but there are ways you can increase your position in the search engines.

This is called PAID SEO, which is where you can pay an SEO expert to boost your position in Google.

We can provide paid SEO services to all our customers and for people that may have had their website designed by someone else

Typically our SEO work costs £200 per month for agencies and £150 per month for Independents, which is a highly cost effective way of getting you the increased bookings you desire.

There is no fast way to do SEO.  It is highly labour intensive work and must be done properly to ensure you do not get penalised by Google by using banned techniques.

As a rough guide, we will usually have your website ranking in the top 3 pages of Google after one month and hope to have it on page one of Google after three months work, but it all depends on how competitive the market is in your area.

Like we said previously, paid SEO is a highly cost effective way of increasing your  business. If after one month of SEO work you only get one extra customer per week, that single customer will more than pay for your SEO costs for the month.  

Obviously you will get more than one extra customer per week so you can see why paid SEO is being done by a lot of agencies in the UK.


With over 200 escort websites built by us we know how to design websites that get your business noticed

SEO can significantly increase your business


SEO is a complex process if it is to be done right.  Don’t be fooled by other companies that promise you high rankings but use “Black Hat” techniques that will eventually see you get banned from Google and other search engines

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